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This is a bit of a read but i think people need to know about the thickening agents that are found in 99% of Protein powder that are out there and what it could be doing to you. At Natural…

What's In Your Protein?

Do you really Know what's in your Whey Protein ? With so many protein powders out there and so much sales marketing its no surprise so many people get confused and buy of marketing hype and product image. Next time…

Coming Soon

New 600ml BPA Free shakers coming soon !!! Free with every purchase over $99

New Location

We are pleased to anounce after many months of getting our new site ready we have moved in. Natural Body Nutrition is here to support our Australian and especially our WA Local customers. We pride ourselves on having the most…

New 100% Natural Flavours

For all you BANANA fans we have 100% Natural Banana flavour coming soon !!!! We have been working hard to bring you all 100% Natural flavoured and sweetened Protein. Our aim is to have the biggest range of natural flavours…

Stevia The Natural Sweetener

Stevia the Natural Sweetener Stevia is the only safe no calorie natural sweetener that is derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. Classified as a herb and used in many countries for decades to naturally sweeten drinks because of …

6 Lessons We Can Learn From The Olympic Athletes

As it comes to the end, the most amazing, prestigious 2 weeks of television, where the whole world is watching. The 2 weeks that only come around every 4 years, where we learn about countries we have never heard of,…

Protein Brownie Recipe

PROTEIN BROWNIE RECIPE Everybody that is trying to get in shape will know the struggle with avoiding sweet treats such as brownies. That is why everyone deserves to know a good protein brownie recipe that will not blow your diet…

Protein Ball Recipe

Some days I find there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and sometimes I find myself wanting food that I can just grab and stuff in my face on the go. This is how this protein ball recipe was…

Benefits Of Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements

BENEFITS OF TAKING DIGESTIVE ENZYME SUPPLEMENTS Ever sit down for a heavy meal and leave the table feeling bloated, tired and sick? I’ve been there. And if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t always had the healthiest diet. If you’re…

How To Deadlift

HOW TO DEADLIFT In the past few months I have been using SMOLOV training to increase my squat strength with my goal being to hit a 200 kg squat. I managed to join the 200 club and it got me…

Carb Backloading Diet

So what is Carb Backloading? Bascially carb backloading is using carbs in the post workout window to maximise recovery, while also making it it hard for your body to hold on to fat. Before starting on a carb backloading diet…

How To Get Over A Plateau

Weight training requires dedication and commitment. If you follow a good routine, you’ll lose weight, and gain strength or muscle mass– whichever your goal may be. Everything may be going great for the first month or two until you reach…


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