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What's In Your Protein?

Do you really Know what's in your Whey Protein ?

With so many protein powders out there and so much sales marketing its no surprise so many people get confused and buy of marketing hype and product image. Next time you pick up your bag of Whey do you actually know if you have brought Whey concentrate , Isolate or a blend of both ? So many people i know get caught out wanting pure Whey Isolate and end up with a cheaper blend or pure concentrate your label !!!!

Also i suggest that you please read your ingredients label, and nutritional panel.....know how much grams per serve of Protein you are getting and how big the serve is. Its all good to say 40g of protein per serve but then you realize the serve size is 80g !!!Are you really getting what you thought you paid for or are you just paying inflated prices for fillers!!

Your ingredients label is so important ...I have looked at some USA main brand protein labels and the ingredients list is 30 ingredients long !!!! Is this really necessary ..NO ...Do you even know what half the artificial additives and chemicals do...NO. So many Proteins state they are natural but are they really?  They may be naturally flavoured or sweetened but then they have toxic thickening agents in them .....reading your label is a MUST!!

Think about it most people train a lifetime and consume Protein once a day over 30 to 40 years ....wouldn't you want to make sure what your taking every day is natural and not causing any harm or side effects that may show up years down the track.

At Natural Body Nutrition our Natural range of Protein is just that Natural... with GMO free and Grass Fed certified New Zealand Protein as the base and natural flavour and natural sweetener is all that's added. It really makes this product unique, healthy , great tasting and something that can be taken safely for a life time.


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