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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A) Once your payment has been processed, we make it our priority to dispatch your on the same day if it is received before 2pm or by the following business day if received after 2pm. Expected delivery time is next day on orders under 3kg or 5-7 working days on orders over 3kg after ordering and paying, although quite often it is sooner.

Allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to be available.

To track your order please go to

Please note that any spaces before or after your tracking number will make it appear invalid. Australia Post will only update the tracking status as it leaves here and then again when it reached your nearest post office (generally the day it is delivered to you), therefore if the only entry says Perth, that means it has left here and in in transit between here and you.


Q) Can i pick up my orders locally and save on shipping costs?


A ) YES -LOCAL PICK UP is available for Perth customers if they wish to save on postage costs. Orders can be collected from 8/35 Guthrie Street, Osborne park , Novimex warehouse from the day after ordering. Pick up hours are 9am to 4pm weekdays.

Q) What should i take?

 A) It’s probably the first question that most people ask after hitting the gym for a while. Your results have plateaued a little, you are looking for some kind of edge and you’re wondering if there is something more out there.

 Alternatively, you could be a seasoned supplement user and looking for something a bit more specific, in either case our supplement guide should offer you some assistance in what to take and in what order supplements should be implemented.

 1) Is your diet adequate? There is no point adding a whole lot of supplements until you have a decent eating plan. Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight getting your food intake right is essential. While having very little protein from meals and using shakes for your sole protein source will work, it is rarely advisable. Before you add protein (or any supps) we recommend you ensure your diet is balanced, protein is high from nutritious sources of food and you are actually getting your necessary vitamins/minerals and macros.

 2) Don’t add a mountain of supplements at once. The reason you should always add supplements individually or no more than 2 at a time is all about gauging effectiveness. At the end of the day no one wants to pay for something they don’t need, and in the case of supplements you should expect positive results from anything you are paying for. Given that, we recommend when adding a new supplement you try to properly evaluate what benefits you are getting from it before adding anything else.

Q) Do you guarantee your amino acids?

A) Absolutely. We have been dealing with the same suppliers/manufacturers for over 7 years and before accepting any batch we scrutinize all assay reports. We have had batches tested independently tested in the past and the analysis from the independent tests are always completely consistent with those from the suppliers.

Our guarantee is that the quality of our amino acids are equal or better than anything you will source elsewhere - irrespective of price. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality, we are happy to offer a full refund.

BCAA Amino Recover

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are an interesting subject. What many people don’t realise is that whey proteins and most proteins for that matter actually contain large quantities of BCAA’s. The differences (and the reported benefits) are from the fact in free form (which is a BCAA powder) these are supposed to be extremely bio available.

Research has shown that ingesting BCAA’s does have a marked impact on both ability to train sooner (better retention of maximal force) as well as reduced muscle soreness, so BCAA Amino Recover is a supplement we highly recommend for those really pushing the boundaries towards over training.

Q) I want a protein that will sustain me all day as frequent meals aren't possible. I am also looking for a perfect "night"protein.

A) In the case of a sustained release protein, micellar casein is the best choice. This protein creates a curd in the stomach and is broken down very slowly. This is the perfect scenario when sleeping or for those who don't want to have frequent shakes. Micellar Casein tastes and mixes well and is excellent value for money. Keep in mind, you can easily make your own "sustained release protein" by mixing a little bit of casein with WPI. If this is what you are after, just buy 1kg of Casein for each 4 - 5kg of  Pro WPI.

Q) I just want one protein, I want something that tastes great and gives really good results, it must mix well and be really easy to drink.

A)  There is a reason Pro WPI is our most popular protein as it really does do it all. It tastes fantastic (just like flavoured milk) mixes very well, and is extremely pure nutritionally. Pro WPI can be used directly after training or at any time of the day. If you have previously bought other "brand name" WPI's you will really like ours. No fillers, exceptional purity and nothing but Whey Protein Isolate.

Q) I am a vegan and don't want an animal protein. Saying that, I want the best possible amino acid spread for building muscle and recovery.

A) Our Vegan Life formula is 100% natural, has an extremely high digestibility ratio of 98% and is free from any allergens. It has a balanced pH just above 7, contains close to zero sugar and fats (with no saturated fats whatsoever).

Whey may have been considered the ideal protein for muscle growth, recovery and general protein but the high protein %, lack of cholesterol and saturated fats and the low price of our vegan protein means it's a viable alternative.

The Rice and Pea proteins included in Vegan Life are carefully selected and blended to provide the highest nutritional benefits. While vegetable proteins are often incomplete, the combination of Rice and Pea protein results in a product with a very balanced amino acid spread. If you are a vegan or vegetarian or are simply looking for the most nutritious non-animal protein available, our Vegan Life formula is the best choice.

Please note: Rice Protein is considerably higher in Alanine and Methionine and contains Glucoronic Acid Pea Protein contains Glycine which Rice Protein does not and is higher in Glutamic Acid, Leucine and Lysine.

As Vegan Life contains a blend of both proteins, it delivers a more consistent amino acids spread comparable to whey, which most people consider the gold standard

Q) Can I order in 1kg amounts and get multiples of 1kg pouches in different flavours?

A) Yes, Order any amount of protein and choose between the different flavors, these are supplied in 1kg pouches.

Q) Do Natural Body Nutrition proteins taste good?

A) We believe our whey and caseins proteins taste very good. While taste is subjective, we have carefully refined the flavours of all of our proteins over many years and a huge amount of feedback. The result is a level of flavourer and sweetener that most people find very pleasant while not being overbearing.

It is important to keep in mind with any protein product, products are generally a compromise between taste, mixability and purity. Using very high quality instantised proteins means that our products mix well, however as purity is very important to us, the flavouring levels have to be used moderately. We believe we have come up with a great combination, with the inclusion rates of our flavourings between 1 and 4%. If taste is the most important factor to you, you may find some of the U.S products from other manufacturers more to your liking, however the product will be far less pure than ours with all sorts of additives and flavour enhancers used to improve taste.

Natural Body Nutrition proteins should be seen as an exceptionally pure option, with no unnecessary additives, that all things considered taste very good.

Q) Are any of your proteins lactose free?

A) All our whey proteins contain some lactose. Our Whey Protein Isolate contains very low levels of lactose, so these are generally fine for lactose sensitive people.

Please note, in our experience "lactose intolerance" is a subjective term and sensitivity varies a lot. If you are extremely sensitive to lactose you may not tolerate our WPI. In these circumstances you could try our Vegan Life Protein, however none are as easy to drink as Whey.

Q Why don't you use Stevia instead of Sucralose?

A) "While people see Stevia as safe purely because it is natural, sweeteners such as Sucralose have a lot more safety data. This isn't to say Stevia isn't safe, as it may well be, however it really hasn't been studied enough yet to confirm.

I have read some worrying data on Stevia reducing sexual virility on rats, however the study didn't actually mention whether testosterone levels were reduced. This is the kind of things which needs further investigation as for those looking to gain muscle this could be a major concern.

Again, while Sucralose is an artificial sweetener it has been used by millions (possibly billions) of people now for decades and there is very little conclusive evidence to state it is not safe."

Q) Which Fat Burner should I use and what is the difference?

A) One of the most confusing categories when it comes to supplements is “Fat Burners”. This name, “Fat Burner” is given to a range of products, which are marketed for weight loss purposes.

While all should help with weight loss to varying degrees, the title “Fat Burners” is not always accurate, as all have different mechanisms of action – while great for weight loss, only a few literally assist the body to “burn fat”.

Perhaps our most popular weight loss product is our Thermo Cuts which combines four different ingredients, Green Tea, Sesamin, Caffeine and Citrus Auarantium for weight loss. Most users have found substantial benefits from having this twice a day in various dosages

Acetyl Carnitine ( ALCAR FUEL )

Is perhaps the most popular, an Amino Acid which has been used for weight loss purposes for a long time. Acetyl Carnitine (ALCAR FUEL), which is a modified (and more effective) version of L Carnitine best effects are that of a “Fat Metaboliser”. This means that it will assist the body in utilising fat stores for energy. It may have mild effects on the metabolism, however the fat mobilising effect is what it is best known for.

Given its method of action, Acetyl Carnitine will work best for those on Carbohydrate (or Keto) restricted diets. The less available glycogen available for the body, the more effective the body will be – with the aid of (ALCAR FUEL) Acetyl Carnitine, at using fat for energy.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract’s action is somewhat debatable. As Green Tea Extract contains Caffeine much of its action in increasing metabolic action (increasing heart rate and thermogenesis) can be attributed to its caffeine content.

Studies using Green Tea have shown it to be more effective than Caffeine alone though and good results have been shown from using De Caffeinated Green Tea Extract. Apart from being useful for weight loss, Green Tea Extract is very good for general health, being very high in anti oxidants.

Hydroxy Citric Acid

HCA has a different action again, it is said to be effective in reducing the body's enzymes, which make fatty acids. By this action, the body should make less fat from carbohydrates, this is a large issue for those who eat a caloric surplus, especially when the diet is high in Carbohydrates.

If you were less interested in changing your diet and love to eat plenty of carbs, then HCA may be a good way of having your cake and eating it too (excuse the pun). This wouldn't be recommended though as reducing carbohydrates are universally considered one of the best methods of triggering and maintaining weight loss.


Sesamin is a lignan isolated from Sesame Seeds. The active compound then binds to and activates a receptor called Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor Alpha (PPARalpha). This receptor is particularly important for weight loss as it is active in muscle, liver, kidney and heart cells, increasing fatty acid oxidisation, similar to the action of HCA. Sesamin also increases the mitochondrial enzyme CPT, which is considered rate limiting for fat oxidisation.

Sesamin has also been reported to reduce lipogenesis by reducing the enzymes, which are responsible for fat storage in the liver. This gives it a dual effect in assisting fat burning, while reducing fat storage.


Caffeine is a very well known central nervous stimulant and has secondary thermogenic actions. By increasing the heart rate as well as general stimulatory action (your body will produce more heat), the result is that your body burns more calories. Caffeine has another effect of reducing appetite, which can be a positive factor for weight loss. It is usually advised to use caution when using caffeine for weight loss purposes though as is side effects can be quite severe, especially in large doses.

As you can see from a short summary of products popularly used for weight loss, many have different methods of action. Given that, it is advised by many to utilise a combination of products that way the weight loss or “fat burning” effect will be multi faceted. A very popular product made by Natural Body Nutrition is  “Thermo Cuts ” combines many of these. If used in combination with  Acetyl Carnitine  it would result in a very potent weight loss combination.

Q) What are Nootropics?

Nootropics, often called “smart drugs” are those substances which are reported (and in many cases scientifically verified) to enhance memory, cognition and intelligence. Many are also reported to enhance mood. Nootropics are varied in their effect as well as their action. Practically speaking the classification is likely too broad, but going into too much detail complicates things a lot. It is very hard to recommend certain Nootropics for an individual so it may be better off to give a summary of what Natural Body Nutrition have and note its effects.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) also known as oxitriptan is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor as well as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin from tryptophan.

5-HTP has been studied and shown to be of benefit in the following conditions: primary fibromyalgia syndrome, Friedreich's ataxia, depression, anxiety, binge eating associated with obesity, and insomnia. There is no statistically significant difference between 5-HTP and placebo in treating chronic headaches (primary or otherwise).

5-HTP works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical serotonin. Serotonin can affect sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation. Since 5-HTP increases the synthesis of serotonin, it is used for several diseases where serotonin is believed to play an important role including depression, insomnia, obesity, and many other conditions.

Studies on 5 HTP are not conclusive however one of the more impressive studies involved 99 patients described as suffering from "therapy resistant" depression (3). These patients had not responded to any previous therapy including all available antidepressant drugs as well as electro convulsive therapy. These therapy resistant patients received 5-HTP at dosages averaging 200 mg daily but ranging from 50 to 600 mg per day. Complete recovery was seen in 43 of the 99 patients and significant improvement was noted in 8 more. Such significant improvement in patients suffering from long-standing, unresponsive depression is quite impressive prompting the author of another study to state "5-HTP merits a place in the front of the ranks of the antidepressants instead of being used as a last resort.


Q) What is the difference between Test Boosters and which is the best?

Tribulus is an extract from a plant which has been grown and harvested for thousands of years in Mexico, South America and Asia.

It has long been reported (and proved in animal studies) that Tribulus works by the action of its active ingredient (Protodioscin) affecting leutinising hormone. By raising leutinising hormone (which is an activator for testosterone), testosterone levels are said to be increased.

It should be noted that while tests in animals have shown increases in testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone, studies verifying the same in humans are very rare.

Due to this, many Tribulus products are marketed as sexual enhancers rather than testosterone boosters, as increased sex drive is an effect which a large number of users report.

Avena Sativa also a plant extract, however one derived from common oats! Avena Sativa is said to free up bound testosterone in the blood rather than increase it. Freeing up Testosterone that is bound means there is more available for necessary receptors, which would have the same impact as increasing the actual level of hormone. Like Tribulus, there are few studies which verify this claim, however as the reported action is different to that of Tribulus, having them together would potentially increase effects - as both work by different mechanisms.

Like Tribulus, users report mild sexual enhancement, however in most situations the reports are more mild than the effects from Tribulus.

Fenugreek a plant extract is one which has actually been proven in at least one study (by Richard Kreider, PhD, of Texas A&M University) to have effects on hormone levels. Fenugreek is commonly used as an Aramotase Inhibitor, the action these have is preventing the conversion of testosterone to estradoil. It is suggested by reducing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, that the body will make more testosterone, and at least in the study conducted by Krieder, testosterone increased by over 6%, with free testosterone increasing by over 12.

These are not massive changes, but the fact they are statistically significant and verified is worth noting.

D Aspartic Acid is very different to the other products mentioned as it is an Aminio Acid rather than a herbal extract. Like wise, though it has been marketed for the purpose of increasing testosterone only recently, it appears to have a lot more potential than herbal extracts for this purpose.

D-Aspartic Acid is formed when the enzyme aspartate racemase converts L-aspartic acid into D-aspartic acid in the testes and other glands. This amino acid plays a key role in the manufacture of sperm cells and sex hormones. In the pituitary gland, D-aspartic acid increased the concentration of cGMP. (cGMP being the signal molecule that transfers messages in the pituitary to DNA) . More cGMP means more Leutinising Hormone. In the testes D-aspartic acid plays a similar role with the signal molecule cAMP, via which D-aspartic acid raises testosterone secretion.

It one study, researchers dosed subjects with just over 3g of D Aspartic Acid per day which saw testosterone levels increase by 40% in just 12 days, while leutinising hormone also rose by 33%.

So, what do we think?

With so much information out there and very little verification it is hard to offer advice.

We have absolutely no doubts that many people claim to get great results from our Tribulus (TEST MAXX) Product (which is a combination of Tribulus, Avena Sativa and Fenugreek) and as far as herbal extracts go, we believe ours are great quality. The issue in many cases though, is while effects which many people associate with increases in testosterone are there (oily skin, increased sex drive, aggression etc), it does not necessarily mean that testosterone levels have been increased (which is why there is little data to prove this).

We would therefore recommend people first use our D Aspartic Acid as their primary test booster, and if you are looking to take Tribulus, consider taking it in combination (such as our Test Maxx) due to the mutli mechanisms of action and the fact Fenugreek has at least been somewhat verified.


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