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Raw Range Protein


Natural Body Nutrition RAW Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate is derived from pasture raised, hormone free New Zealand cows giving you a clean and pure, high quality protein.

A whole host of vitamins, minerals and essential fats are found in the very greenest of grass and in New Zealand the farmers work tirelessly to ensure year round pastures that provide nearly 100% of the herd feeding requirements.

Produced by cold cross flow micro and ultra filtration processes which yield a natural, undenatured protein.

Our flavoured Raw Protein is 100% Natural, using natural plant Stevia as a sweetener, natural organic Cocoa for Chocolate, Vanilla Bean vanillan for Vanilla and freeze dried Australian fruit powders for Strawberry. We ensure this is a premium Natural product with NO fillers, NO artificial sweeteners, NO colours, NO preservatives, NO thickening agents NO hidden blends or numbers that hide information just an all Natural Product.

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100% Natural Flavoured WPI

NBN's Whey Protein Isolate is formulated for those looking to build or maintain a ripped lean physique. Low in fat and carbohydrate, this is a high quality, premium & fast-digesting protein source designed to support the rapid absorption of protein into your body post-exercise. Our 100% Natural WPI protein powder is derived from New Zealand grass fed cows and contains only 100% natural Ingredients,flavours and sweetener.


Raw Whey Protein Isolate

Raw Whey protein Isolate, nothing nasty hiding in this bag, just pure Raw WPI from Grass fed cows that graze on the pure pastures of New Zealand.


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Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

Raw Whey protein Concentrate, nothing nasty hiding in this bag, just pure Raw WPC from Grass fed cows that graze on the pure pastures of New Zealand.


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